• Lizz Wright

    Lizz Wright

    I discovered an album a month or so ago, although I can’t really remember the circumstance. I think I was browsing either Amazon or the NPR Music site. I know I was surfing around for Catherine Russell tidbits. Catherine is among the artists on the record. Anyway, it’s an NPR vocal jazz compilation called The… Continue reading

  • Boots

    One, two, three, four … Continue reading

  • Harlem On My Mind

    Harlem On My Mind

    I first heard Catherine Russell at — you guessed it — a Steely Dan show. She has provided backing vocals as a member of the Danettes in several Dan tours of recent years. She’s also toured with David Bowie, Paul Simon, Levon Helm, Wynton Marsalis, Dr. John, and many others. She has contributed vocals to several… Continue reading

  • For Pete’s Sake

    California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Jazz ‘A’ Band dares to cover what might be the most challenging piece ever penned by Don and Walt, the title cut of the Grammy winning comeback album Two Against Nature (2000). Joining the youngsters, as special guest, is none other than Pete Christlieb, saxophonist of record on “Deacon Blues” (1977)… Continue reading

  • Does God Play Dice?

    Does God Play Dice?

    Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking famously disagreed on the question. Einstein insisted “God does not play dice.” Years later, Hawking retorted: “Not only does God play dice, but He sometimes … throws them where they cannot be seen.” I don’t know, but I have to go with Hawking on this one.  😉   Adam Rogers… Continue reading