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Album Reviews

Steely Dan’s Aja (Craig Cortello, All About Jazz)
The Nightfly Revisited (Ted Gioia,
Walter Becker Circus Money Review (Chris Jones, BBC)

Chris Potter Gratitude Review (Peter Marsh, BBC)
Chris Potter Underground: Ultrahang (John Kelman, All About Jazz)
Chris Potter: The Sirens (Ian Patterson, All About Jazz)
Herbie Hancock: River: The Joni Letters (John Kelman, All About Jazz)
Both Sides Now (Richard Lehnert, Stereophile)
musicforthemorningafter (Nicholas Taylor, Pop Matters)
U2: The Joshua Tree (Steve Pond, Rolling Stone)
Arcade Fire: The Suburbs (Rob Sheffield, Rolling Stone)

Steely Stack

The Second Coming
Any ‘Mount of World (William Gibson, Sonicnet)
A World Of My Own (Robert Toth, WSJ)
Librarians on Acid (Barney Hoskyns, The Guardian / Observer)
Sophisticated Skank (Gary Kamiya, Salon)
Hey Nineteen (Steve Burgess, Salon)
Steely Dan: Return of the Dark Brothers (Alec Wilkinson, Rolling Stone)

Back to Annandale (Rob Brunner, Entertainment Weekly)
The Drummers of Steely Dan, Part 1 (Mark Buckingham, Rhythm)
The Drummers of Steely Dan, Part 2 (Mark Buckingham, Rhythm)
The Steely Dan Reader
The Steely Dan Dictionary
Deadhead/Danfan Conversion Chart
Hey Luke


TwentyTens — The best of the decade so far.
Fuze — Respect the seven-second delay we use.
The New Testament — 21st-century Dan.
Rebel Rock Me — Throw me at the powers that be.
The MotherShip — Free your mind, and your ass will follow.
Endless Summer — Blowing through the jasmine in my mind.


A Mathematical Theory of Communication (C. E. Shannon)

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